The Best Breeders of Pet Foods

How would you deal with problems of a potential supplier when sourcing your pet foods from India? What if your supplier does not have the quality specifications that you are looking for? Connect2 Modi can help you. Connect2 Maharashtra is an online trade platform that provides you with Top Indian Suppliers and Top Indian brands of pet foods. Connect2induama also gives trade related details like the countries importing Pet Foods in dollars and their overall cost in dollars.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in United States, India is among the six countries that offer the most nutritious diet for the dogs. The Indian government has taken serious measures to ensure that dogs get proper nutrition and are free from diseases like mange, which is highly prevalent in the dog kibble market of the US. However, it is very difficult to know about the quality of Indian pet foods in the market and the level of care that are taken for manufacturing them. You can verify this by talking to people who have used the dog kibble brands that you are planning to buy.

It is a good idea to buy only from reputed suppliers. An ideal supplier should be one that has earned the seal of approval of AAFCO, which is an institution that promotes the quality of Indian foods and food ingredients. An ideal supplier should sell premium dog kibble in 15kg working dog or a similar size. The dog kibble should also be available in different flavors such as plain, flavored, chocolate etc.

Pet Foods Suppliers like Dr O’s, Hogs Food etc. are some of the premium food suppliers in India. The food should have adequate quantities of protein, minerals and vitamins. They should have low in saturated fat and sodium content. The food should also be free from colorings, aroma and preservatives. These products should be manufactured in the approved FDA facilities.

There are many brands that offer pet health supplements. Pet owners require buying only from brands that have earned a good name in the business. The health supplements that are manufactured by these brands pass all quality checks.

If you want to buy foods that are good for your pets health and nutrition, then look for the brands that use natural ingredients as their primary ingredient. Some of the best food ingredients include spinach, alfalfa sprouts, olive oil, chicken meal, fish oil, ginseng, clover and rice bran. In addition, look for healthy choices such as chicken nuggets, chicken salad and tuna fish. Such food items not only help you feed your pet with great taste, they also help in boosting the health of your pet.